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Many of your tax jobs are straightforward Ė at least to you. So the last thing you need is a software package over-loaded with features that ends up simply slowing you down. Thatís why our QMS software will suit you to a tee! It provides real benefits that go right to the bottom line.

It gets right to the heart of the matter Ė the Tax Return. Yes, you can enter schedules when you need to but very often all you need to do is to enter information directly onto the Return.

So how quick is it in operation? Well think of the speed of a well designed Excel spreadsheet and youíre close. In fact QMS tax software is designed to use Microsoft Access & Excel Ė itís a truly Open System. And itís very easy to use. So you save time.

  •   So what does it do?
  •   Personal Tax
  •   Partnership Tax
  •   Corporation Tax

Of course any tax system is not just about the forms Ė no matter how good they

look. In fact most clients couldnít care less if they donít see them at all. And if theyíre lodged electronically they neednít. So you save on paper and if the client is due a refund the cheque will turn up sooner.

  •   Accuracy

QMS uses the Inland Revenue recommended way of calculating tax. So if you enter all sources of income & allowances correctly the tax calculation will then be correct.

  •   Integration

The Individualís return is linked to the Partnership Tax Return so you donít have to enter the data twice. Itís also integrated with Practice Netís Accounts Production software Ė Accord and with the leading database Ė Rapport.

  •  So whatís the cost?

You can buy the software as a bundle or purchase an individual element such as just Personal Tax or possibly only Corporation Tax. If you choose two or more modules youíll save money.

  •   Personal tax £300 per year
  •   Partnership tax £200 per year
  •   Corporation tax £250 per year

Whatís more these prices include telephone support.

  •   So how about the bundle?

  •   Personal & Partnership £400, saving £100 per year
  •   All three modules £600, saving £150 per year

Youíll get even greater time savings in the second year using the "Retrieve client from last year" option. Yes Ė the information is retained within the integral database.

  •   Other Benefits Ö

Youíll find lots. So Iíll just give you one example of a real benefit Ö

Alternative calculations of tax & personal allowances are included for non-residents. For instance, if itís beneficial to the taxpayer an alternative calculation of tax taking into account excluded income is used. The Maximum Income Tax Working Sheet Ė Non Residents summarises the alternative and can be used together with overseas returns. The Jersey & Isle of Man authorities accept the printouts in support of UK tax which may be offset against local tax.

So donít delay. Order the tax software now and be ready to make extra profits immediately.

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