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Home Everybody has heard of computer hardware & software and realise that you need both to operate software applications. Many understand issues of connectivity such as office networks, Broadband …

However it’s only recently that utility software has come to the fore and recognised as being just as important.

You’ve heard of computer viruses of course – indeed many people are paranoid about them – and you must take every precaution to avoid your PC or office network from becoming infected. But how aware are you of Spyware and Adware?

To help our customers realise the full potential of their computer systems Practice Net has researched the industry to determine the best products to solve real day to day issues.

  •  These include …
  •  Sophos – Anti-virus software to protect your computer network from computer viruses whether they come via email, floppy disks, CD’s …

  •  Iscan – Anti- malware software to protect your computer network from spyware, adware …

  •  Real time Data Back Up - to get you up and running fast when your file server fails

  •  Remote Access software – So you can access your office network via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

  •  Your own Web Site – Not just an image but a means to drive traffic to your site

  •  Complemented by an array of Internet products to meet specific needs

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  •  New Product … New Product …

If you’re planning do business via the Internet then this Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript by Mark Joyner is just for you.

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