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 Get £75 Tax Free From The Revenue
When You File Your 2008/2009 Returns On Line

Yes Ė a present from the Revenue Ė so whatís the catch?

Well your clients must fit the profile of a small company Ė less than 50 employees. And your payroll details must be filed electronically using an approved payroll package.

Payroll Manager

Payroll Manager is a feature-rich payroll software package designed to enable users to run and manage an independent company payroll system. Comprehensive employee records can be stored throughout the year and statutory P11, P14/P60 and P35 forms can be printed. End of Year PAYE returns can be filed though the internet. Payroll Manager is capable of supporting businesses with one-to-unlimited employees and features unlimited multi-company capacity. Accredited by HMRC, Payroll Managerís flexible features are fully enabled for all users, whether you have 10 employees or unlimited

Payroll Manager is used by over 3,000 businesses throughout the UK so itís tried & tested.

The cost varies according to the number of employees and starts from only £110 plus VAT for up to 10 employees. With the Revenue incentive thatís only £35 in the first year!

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