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A lot can happen in a year - well 15 months actually. 

Around 15 months ago I was doing some market research into Mobile Smartphones. We believed that these devices would have explosive growth and that application software for them was scarce. I found very few products, indeed those available were PDA’s with a phone included.

We needed one urgently for our software development project and chose the T-Mobile MDA.

It had everything we needed for our project …

  •  A Mobile Phone

  •  Internet Access
  •  A QUERTY keyboard
  •  Windows Mobile 5
  •  Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook

It was more typical of a PDA than a mobile phone. It couldn’t be described as small & light more “clunky”. However we believed it to be the best available and it has served its purpose well. We completed the software on time – a rare event indeed for a software project.

So what’s changed in 15 months?

Well Microsoft’s Windows Mobile O.S. is now Version 6.

The functionality of Smartphones continues to increase. The new models encompass everything you can do with a PDA or Pocket PC. Looking at it from a different perspective - if you include a mobile phone on a PDA/Pocket PC you end up with a Smartphone.

The only current differentiator is that Smartphones do not have Touch Screens.

To overcome the problem of size manufacturers have come up with some interesting solutions. Such as a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and portrait/landscape display …


I understand that the T-Mobile Wing shown above was designed & manufactured by HTC – check out the HTC S710.

As with most computing devices Microsoft is in the driving seat with its Windows Mobile Operating System, now Windows Mobile 6. And it’s decided that the generic name for such devices is Smartphone.

So what of the future?

The functionality of mobile phones continues to increase …

  • Digital Camera

  • MP3 Player

  • Web Enabled

  • Email

So what’s the bet that the gap between an “ordinary” mobile phone and a Smartphone will narrow to nothing!

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