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       Ebook Explains How to Profit From The Paperless Office. . . .

If you’re seeking the utopia of – Freedom from Paper this e-Book will help get you there. Many businesses have already achieved it and gained a competitive edge through increased profitability and improved customer service.

This e-book is the result of over five years experience in developing & implementing Document Management systems. It contains real life practical advice on things that work - garnered from before & after discussions with business owners who’ve succeeded in getting rid of paper.

It begins with an overview that brings out all the issues. It stresses the importance of considering every aspect of the business and then expands on each topic in depth.

Business owners will readily identify with …

  • The difficulty in locating a document in a hurry

  • Desks covered in post-it notes

  • Security concerns over paper files

  • Multiple versions of the same document – which one’s correct?

  • Increasing use of Email and concerns over loss of control

  • A shared paper diary that results in missed appointments and double bookings

  • Over dependence on administrative staff

  • The cost of archived storage

  • Always reacting to events when you really want to be proactive

  • The need to track job progress throughout the office

  • How to use Mail Merge effectively for regular contact with customers

  • The benefits gained from having a single database for customers, prospects & contacts


All are covered in detail in the e-book.

Importantly - Issues arising from the implementation of a computer system are also addressed so mistakes can be avoided.

Topics include …

  • Backing-up of computer files with a secure strategy for disaster recovery

  • How to ensure that your electronic documents are legally admissible

  • Which is the best document scanner for my business?

  • Securing access to your database by identifying what each person in your business may & may not do

  • Ensuring that a copy of every email is stored in your database

The e-book was written so it can be read in about an hour. It provokes the reader into considering every aspect of information & customer communication. It recommends tackling the one issue that’s of particular importance to you first whilst you consider the wider issue.

The payback will be felt in the response from customers and staff leading to the implementation of other aspects. As each new issue is tackled the appropriate section in the e-book should be read again. And the tips & techniques considered before action not after!

So what’s Utopia?

It’s different for each business owner of course but a common theme emerges from those who’ve achieved Freedom from Paper …

It’s all the benefits that accrue from simply being able to locate any document in around ten seconds.

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