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  •    Save 80% Of Your Time

  •    On Corporate Compliance Work

  •    Provide A First Class Service

  •    And Benefit Financially From Filing On-Line

An Annual Return may take you from 30 minutes to an hour to prepare manually if you include the associated minutes and correspondence. The Transfer of Shares, Allotment of Shares and Change of Directors may take you even longer. Are you recovering this time at your full charge-out rate?

Are you entirely happy with the quality of the output compared to that produced by your accounts production or tax software? If not then you could undoubtedly benefit from improved client satisfaction as it’s likely that your clients are not entirely satisfied either.

You may only undertake Corporate Compliance work as a service to your clients and an unprofitable one at that! But time savings in performing repetitive tasks can be achieved easily by using the right tools – taking typically 20% of the time it takes to prepare manually. If these were available to you then you could actively seek for this work, make a good recovery on your chargeable time and benefit from providing a first rate service.

  •   Incorporations

If you offer a company formation service you probably use an agent to act on your behalf. Now you can do the whole task yourself – simply & cheaply and increase your profits substantially.

The product that enables you to provide this first class service on a very profitable basis is CAS – developed by BGL of Australia.

Because it’s task orientated – no complicated menus or codes, it’s very easy to operate and doesn’t restrict you in any way. Its highly sophisticated process management system determines all the documents you need for any change - automatically. A simple click to confirm printing and all the required forms are produced without user intervention. No need to think about which forms to print – CAS does it for you.

CAS has been developed over the last ten years into the market leader including offices of BDO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, KPMG and Ernst & Young. And many large corporate businesses too. It has a customer base of nearly 3,000 clients in 8 countries. And it is available in the UK .

  •   What does CAS do?

Firstly it produces the statutory forms including:

  • 10 First Directors, Secretary and Registered Office

  • 12 Declaration on Application for Registration

  • 88(2) Return of Allotment of Shares

  • 88(3) Particulars of Contract Relating to Share Issue

  • 122 Notice of Consolidation, Division, etc

  • 123 Increase in Nominal Capital

  • 169 Return by a Company Purchasing Own Shares

  • 190/190a Location of Register of Debentures

  • 225 Change of Accounting Reference Date

  • 287 Change of Registered Office

  • 288(a) Appointment of Director or Secretary

  • 288(b) Resignation of Director or Secretary

  • 288(c) Change of Particulars of Director or Secretary

  • 318 Location of Directors Service Contracts

  • 325/325a Register of Directors Interests in Shares

  • 353/353a Location of Register of Members

  • 363a Annual Return

  • 391 Resolution of Removal of Auditor

  • 395 Particulars of Mortgage or Charge

  • 398 Certificate of Registration of Charge

  • 400 Mortgage or Charge Subject to Property

  • 403a Declaration of Satisfaction of Charge

  • 652a Application for Striking Off

  • 652c Withdrawal of Application for Striking Off

      And, over 20 electronically too.

The Process Management System automatically determines all the documents you need for any change to your Corporate Register. Displayed as a check list all you need do is click to confirm and every required document is printed. It removes the possibility of forgetting to produce a form and guarantees compliance.

Ensuring that deadlines aren’t missed and Annual Returns and other statutory documents are lodged by the due date is vital. CAS helps here too with its Document Tracking that records the flow of documents from preparation through to lodgement with Companies House. Whenever you print a document it’s automatically tracked.

Document Tracking reports include a comprehensive list for progressing your Annual Returns. These include:

  • The current status of all annual returns within your database, e.g. prepared, not prepared, sent to client or lodged.

  • The status of Annual Returns within a date range

  • Annual Returns to be prepared

  • Documents that need to be lodged within 7 days

      …. and many more

You may well wish to add your own manual checks for associated tasks and the CAS Action Diary enables you to better plan your work schedules. For instance, you can print diary reports such as actions due in next 15 days.

  •   Dividend Statements

Preparing dividend statements manually is very time consuming –CAS helps here too by automatically selecting these documents:

  • Directors Meeting Minute or Resolution
  • Notice of Members Meeting

  • Members Meeting Minute or Resolution

  • Members Consent to Short Notice

  • Dividend Statements

  • Dividend Report

And you can choose to print them all or omit those you don’t need.

Your clients are very demanding so you need a comprehensive system that offers you a host of additional benefits. For example:

  • You can set up a Trust and prepare unit holders certificates and supporting documents.
  • You can maintain a Legal Documents Register, e.g. hire purchase agreements.


  • Three more things but they are important:

The standard text used in documents such as meeting minutes/resolutions, consent and/or resignation letters, directors’ reports …. can be changed by you. You can also create your own freeform minutes/resolutions.

CAS also includes 107 standard management reports and as these are written using an industry standard report writer you can change these to meet your individual needs. What’s more if you have any extra special needs then the in-built Query option will satisfy your most demanding requirement.

The powerful reporting system generates over 400 Company and Business forms, text documents and reports for 16 Corporate Jurisdictions.

  •   Special Offer To You

The first year subscription starts from only £500 and from only £175 in the subsequent year. For so long as this offer remains on our web site you can benefit from our double offer:

  • a 15 month subscription for the price of 12 months
  • a £50 training voucher to use on a Practice Net CAS training course

      You benefit from our double guarantee too:

  • 100% guarantee of compliance
  • 30 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you choose not to retain the product simply return it for a 100% immediate refund.

  •   Product pricing is designed to suit every circumstance and includes:

A variable price according to the number of companies to be processed - from only 25 to 1000+ or unlimited Single, multiple and networked versions

To take advantage of our special offer and receive immediate benefit and commercial call us now on +44(0)29 2083 7426 or Email

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