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Accord for your Accounts Production

Changes in technology and more and more frequent changes in disclosure requirements, has led to increasing demand for a sophisticated solution for accounts software, which can be used with minimum fuss and set-up costs.

Practice Net Accord is that solution. 

  •   Essential Features

Flexibility in meeting the varying needs of your sole trader and partnership clients whatever their size. Speedy input of data and quality output from the included templates that you can modify if you wish. A comprehensive range of Ltd company formats updated in accordance with new legislation with optional formats for farmers and medical practitioners too. Integration with Microsoft Word means you can e-mail accounts to your clients.

  •   Client Database

The client database retains the information needed for next year. Not only will you save time this year but next year productivity will increase even further

  •   Integrated Solution

Available as a product in its own right, Accord is also a member of an integrated family of products from Practice Net that includes Rapport (Customer Relationship Management) , Panache (Time and Billing System) and integration with a range of third party tax products.

  •   Other Time Saving Features

You can import data from popular accounting systems such as Sage Accounts so saving even more time on data entry. And to complete the picture you can even take the job on a notebook to your client’s office.

A whole host of features too numerous to mention here are included within the package but examples are lead schedules, analytical reviews and VAT reporting. An optional management accounts module that interfaces with Microsoft Excel is also available.

  •   In a Nutshell
  • Simple client creation

  • Multiple open years

  • Unrestricted number of years information can be held

  • Easy to use ‘balance forward’ routine to create subsequent and comparative years

  • User definable accounts descriptions

  • User editable text

  • Drill down nominal ledger enquiry

  • Simple postings routine, designed to be mouse free

  • Optional Input/Output VAT calculated on entry

  • Sole Trader/Partnership formats

  • Range of limited company formats

  • Specialist formats which includes doctors

  • Audit Lead schedules and analytical review

  • Self Assessment report

  • Departmental Accounts

  • Accounts are generated directly into Microsoft Word

  •   Technical Specification

32bit Windows software product utilising an Access Database structure
vailable as standalone or networked versions
Requires Microsoft Word 97 or above to be installed
Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000 or NT Workstation

Minimum hardware requirements: -
Pentium Processor with 64MB RAM
A screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels

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